From student to professional

26 07 2008
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Dear Young Architects,

Most of us are really skeptical about what should we do and where should we go after college days. Some take up design work, while others like site work more.

It’s a matter of your core-what you decide. You can be really fond of making a max model, or relish talking with others in clubs. It is really difficult when you look at totalitarian aspects of architecture.

Draw a circle on a tracing paper. & try to lay up various aspects of & related to architecture. You can branch any node which is away from architecture.

It is something similar to mind mapping tools.

Like Design>Modeling>PS Envo>Permit Drawing>Working Drawings> Site>Accounts etc.

Try to arrange your colleagues circles with you and see how they lap. Interact more with your colleagues in trio. Try to find that common triangle.

This kind of collaborative interdependent graph will also filter out physical and mental strain factors if you form a consortium later on.

Happy doodling.

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The fractals of blogging.

20 06 2008
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The new-biz of info-inno-inve-share should be blogging with mind mapping. Core of the write-ups and blogs should be sequentially and diagrammatically assigned in degree of nearness, ranking or Fibonacci sequence. Your trust & friends, your cores, your constraints, your customizations-all having different and related directional matrices each a different stor(e)y. Or maybe a sphere. Then your wonder would be how early the whole world is one.

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