My mother’s prose

13 02 2019

Deep sea but not far off

Black night but no light is far

Happiness & sorrow go along always

Trust the Lord not far

Rekha Joshi

Another way for the middle class to save electricity

2 07 2010

I use a small locally made mini tower type room cooler which is wheel supported so that you can just place it near an outside open door. This complemented with AC at 28 deg C is an excellent way to save electricity as well as obtaining the desired comfort level.

Btw jot it in a mall while peers are shopping.

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Green Living: Avoiding Flu and Other Infections | HealthMad

21 08 2009

Green Living: Avoiding Flu and Other Infections | HealthMad

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My tumults in Nehru Place.

31 07 2009

I fixed up a business meeting and entered Nehru Place. First of all, one is greeted by a big axle breaker drain. The routing of the traffic is so chaotic. Whereas my meeting point was 15 meters from the entry, I had to zigzag all the way to left and right juggling in order to find a parking area. Fortunately I found one-after parking there I locked the car and started walking-someone from behind asked me to remove the car because the sun reflection on the glass was disturbing him in his shop. I co-operated whereas I am fully aware that the parking zone is not his property.

After idling for 15-20 minutes and zigzagging and guided by parking attendants ahead I again came back to the same old man who repulsively swayed his hand back. Now I was finding myself trapped in the medley of all cars which were “being” parked on the roads.

This was not the first time I visited Nehru Place. 15 years back I did a academic case study on Nehru Place and mentioned that the parking is chaotic. Now, the situation has worsened. Rows and columns of cars and cars-arrays of car keys on the hand of attendants-Dream India is very very FAR off.

My friends, perhaps left India, compromise a lot, just to avoid these kinds of constraints.

No option left I messaged the person and went back all the way to Faridabad.

I think either I am really impractical, or gross injustice is being done to all who work with uncertainty- of their & their property’s safety. In fact I am wondering how corporate management is handling all this-no doubt the childishness is evident even now. Loot-grab the parking-some car owners are not allowing other cars by placing their cars parallel to the road and perpendicular to the other cars. Some have chauffeurs and well chained parking lot-wow.

Well, I’ll choose to lose business, but never to let my integrity take a chance. Hope that this blog gets read by our Urban Ministers and something can be done about this. Jai Hind!

In search for truth:The heritage of Faridabad.

16 04 2009

Situated on both sides of Delhi-Mathura-Agra road ,& strategically located plain amidst aravali ranges on the west and river Yamuna on the east-Faridabad is well connected to Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Recently, separate district of Palwal has been chiseled out. Faridabad is the future destination of develpoment and service hub of Delhi-basically an industrial township-one of the largest in India yet a cheaper investment asset zone for Indian and foreign investors too. Very soon, badarpur border will be linked by improved flyover and metro besides improving connectivity by autos and buses from Delhi. There are 3 main Railway stations-Faridabad, New Town and Ballabhgarh. The development work being carried out is widening improvement of Mathura road.

The city is very famous worldwide due to Surajkund Mela, recently it had 1 Lakh visitors from all over the world. Surajkund is located in serene Aravali hills having Hotel Rajhans and Hill view. The quality of accommodation in both is just superb. You’ll simply enjoy the hospitality of Haryana.

The other legacy are the Badkhal Lake identified for improvement and conservation. Remember the song by Dharamendra & Hema Malini from the burning train “Pehli nazar main humne to apna dil de diya tha tumko” has been pictured on it’s embankment.

Numerous malls have opened up along with Mathura Road. The initiative was taken by Mr Gandhi, who has contributed a lot to make Faridabad cosmopolitan city by building Crown Plaza in tie up with Ansal Group. The plaza is conceptualized by Architect Jitender Saigal. It creates a functional micro-climate matching international standards. It houses kids play areas, Ebony, Spencer, Sagar Ratna and many other food outlets besides being a one stop shop.

SRS group has a very innovative mall. Besides this, Haldiram is available in Parasvnath mall. There are going to be about 30-35 planned malls.

Magpie tourist complex is also a favorite stop point for foreigners visiting the Taj.

My preference is strolling in the Sector 15 market in the evening. Town park is also very well maintained destination. In summers it is well cooled and air cleaned by numerous fountains. It has nice stadia, lot of colleges and best schools. Cheaper goods are also available in NIT faridabad.

Of course, Raja Nahar Singh Palace is in Ballabhgarh. We go there is functions and you forget everything in it’s courtyard and it makes you feel like a king. There is some restoration going in “Rani ki chattri” i don’t know exact pronunciation but it’s gonna be a tourist attraction soon.

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Carry all refreshingly

1 11 2008

I have few criteria on which the latest cars are being designed and innovated to share with the discerning YOU. 

The moment of inertia is greater if your car has bigger wheels. More so if the wheels are heavier. Good when the KE of braking would be converted into PE(Potential Energy) & stores. Drag is being reduced by reducing the number of wheels to 3-funny isn’t it-ulta socho-the car has 2 wheels on front and one on back-lol. 

Battery is a major field of research in major companies so better-eyes. 

In today’s situation for the crammed traffic and bad roads, you need a car with at least 12″ road clearance. 7″ in most cases don’t suffice and practically even a 4″ high brick/stone can strike the base. 

WagonR is most successful because of less width but small wheels. The RVM can ensure a better reversal. The tall RVM of wagonR should have been in other cars too. 

Aerodynamic shapes are good for high speeds to reduce air drag. Elliptical and fish shaped of verna has been excellent in mid-level segment. A major car company is seamless integrating these features which can flash Indian market in 2 years(best my wishes). 

Cars are also being designed with just over 300 components instead of usual 5000 or so. Would love comments-good or other-wise. No doubt cars can be one person front too-easy maneuvering and road-ability.

So next time you come tired after a drive, read this post once more. I am sure it will change your perspective on cars.

One more point-buying a car with automatic transmission is not a bad option-even a WagonR has it and we never knew.

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9 10 2008
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The mystery of the aesthetic is the surreal golden section. Beauty is yet an array of wondering & wandering confusion.

The golden ratio can be recognised as a threshold of 1 and 2 entities. The interpretation of conflict in this gives rise to the concept of beauty or aesthetics.

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From student to professional

26 07 2008
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Dear Young Architects,

Most of us are really skeptical about what should we do and where should we go after college days. Some take up design work, while others like site work more.

It’s a matter of your core-what you decide. You can be really fond of making a max model, or relish talking with others in clubs. It is really difficult when you look at totalitarian aspects of architecture.

Draw a circle on a tracing paper. & try to lay up various aspects of & related to architecture. You can branch any node which is away from architecture.

It is something similar to mind mapping tools.

Like Design>Modeling>PS Envo>Permit Drawing>Working Drawings> Site>Accounts etc.

Try to arrange your colleagues circles with you and see how they lap. Interact more with your colleagues in trio. Try to find that common triangle.

This kind of collaborative interdependent graph will also filter out physical and mental strain factors if you form a consortium later on.

Happy doodling.

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Optimising the Search Engine called “Life”

23 07 2008
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God is a principle. The moment god takes over us when we surrender, we focus on making our business more for the benefit of the end user.

We plan and earn money for our coming generations. Why, we love our kids because we see ourselves in them-the self image in our subconscious when we used to be toddlers-we can’t recall ourselves when we were in front of that mirror. So we prepare the edited version of our path for them.

There is a lot of suffering in some countries like Africa. So we have to think about humanity too. We realize we can’t be everything. So, we find out small core competencies like we look at our kids and relay the work cycle-like our employees , freelancers and corporates. We are the purpose of their business and rightly expect that we aren’t outsiders as well.

That’s how we shortlist the providers. That’s how we look at our suppliers. We have to segregate essentials and luxuries if we want to create utopia.

Relationships start just the way micro blogs so. We initially get paid in differentials and then trust too exponents. There is a definite way to optimize work/pay. So we remain down to earth and money works for us-it is not our master. And some day we are really rich-materially and spiritually.

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Civil role of professional inputs in small homes in India.

23 05 2008
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1. Pre-Requisites-

a) Contractor- Availability on phone. Good labor management, flow monitoring, relay, anticipating materials week beforehand. Co-operative slab subcontractor.

b) Essentials- Give week’s commencement notice to authorities. Ensure site cleaning. Temporary Water Connection for soft soil. Electrical Connection for wood, water pump and night work. Reserve water tank. Temporary Store Raw material area & mortar platform at optimum work flow & secure place.

c) Documents- Copy of permit drawing, letter, working drawings, site order book, bill folder packet, pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, stapler, staples, tape and 3’ plastic laminate roll, on caretaker’s responsibility.
d) Material Reqd-2000 Bks (recoverable), iron door, lock+3 keys & 4 steel sheets/angles/bolts. Flex pipe, tap, nipple & motor tanker, if no water.

2. Works till DPC Stage-

a) Excavated Volume-Stable pegs (temp bk piers+mud mortar-2′ away) confirms PL per WD.

b) Contractor marks notched CL for wall foundation(red) & column footing(white). Materials-Colors/lime/stone dust/brick dust, Peg/12mm bar & spade.

c) II Lines to CL to accommodate width of above as per WD.

d) Excavation-Use excavator for bulk & ensure safe stacking. Tarpaulin cover for rains.

e) Leveling-Define the leveling plane by mortar-lining and blue string line to relate with depth.

f) Boring small holes with bar, pesticides are poured and layer of specified sand is covered in all.

e) PCC auto-mixed is to be laid and rammed/compacted. Checked with plumb & tape.

g) On proper footing mesh (and pedestal) of steel bars, L bars are laid on columns tied by double wire. Should be vertical and cater to specified cover. Alternate laps follow.

h) Brickwork-staggered tapering on top, ensure level in brickwork. Ensure size to apply for DPC.

i) Backfill soil in specified compacted layers below top header course.

j) Pipes stacks erected before construction. Plinth beam & DPC be followed as per specification.

2. Works in Superstructure-

a) Siphon leveled and aligned joinery embedded & pest-proofed in course before brickwork is must.

b) Walls and columns should be checked in plumb line. Brick work should not have vertically continuing joint over joint.

c) Continuous curing is a must at any cost.

d) Junctions should be gripped as per detail.

e) Last course/layer is specialized.

3. Pre-Roof Laying

a) Shuttering should be placed, tied and leveled properly on compacted ground

d) It takes a week (+21 days) to lay well placed reinforcement. Ensure your shuttering fellow.

e) He should have additional planks for mortar platform at top

f) Before laying slab mesh, get checked location of electrical boxes, form work & beams.

g) The peripheral slab mesh would be cranked higher. It is never flat.

h) Ensure the specified additives to strengthen the roof.

4. Roof Slab Casting.

a) Less water and sand. General ratio should be 1:2:4.

b) Vibrator is a must everywhere in 1′.

c) Cold water for 7 days is a must.

5. Pre-Plastering-

a) Ensure all conduits & pipes in place in wall and columned tucked.

b) Ensure watering immediately before plaster.

c) Try getting done scraped rough plaster to tile bathrooms, kitchens and facades first.

d) Get all the plaster checked through professional.

6 Pre-Flooring

a) Ensure proper ramming, and leveling of floor base.

b) To avoid termites put more sand adjoining the walls etc.of

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