My tumults in Nehru Place.

31 07 2009

I fixed up a business meeting and entered Nehru Place. First of all, one is greeted by a big axle breaker drain. The routing of the traffic is so chaotic. Whereas my meeting point was 15 meters from the entry, I had to zigzag all the way to left and right juggling in order to find a parking area. Fortunately I found one-after parking there I locked the car and started walking-someone from behind asked me to remove the car because the sun reflection on the glass was disturbing him in his shop. I co-operated whereas I am fully aware that the parking zone is not his property.

After idling for 15-20 minutes and zigzagging and guided by parking attendants ahead I again came back to the same old man who repulsively swayed his hand back. Now I was finding myself trapped in the medley of all cars which were “being” parked on the roads.

This was not the first time I visited Nehru Place. 15 years back I did a academic case study on Nehru Place and mentioned that the parking is chaotic. Now, the situation has worsened. Rows and columns of cars and cars-arrays of car keys on the hand of attendants-Dream India is very very FAR off.

My friends, perhaps left India, compromise a lot, just to avoid these kinds of constraints.

No option left I messaged the person and went back all the way to Faridabad.

I think either I am really impractical, or gross injustice is being done to all who work with uncertainty- of their & their property’s safety. In fact I am wondering how corporate management is handling all this-no doubt the childishness is evident even now. Loot-grab the parking-some car owners are not allowing other cars by placing their cars parallel to the road and perpendicular to the other cars. Some have chauffeurs and well chained parking lot-wow.

Well, I’ll choose to lose business, but never to let my integrity take a chance. Hope that this blog gets read by our Urban Ministers and something can be done about this. Jai Hind!



One response

19 09 2010
Wm Marston LEED AP

Have you considered the fact that over-dependence and excessive use of the car with one single occupant might be the source of the problem you describe?

Yes, such a problem is almost universal – cities around the world are all encountering more and more trouble handling the automobile traffic. I have read that in China, with its sudden wealth, the amount of cars on the existing roadways regularly and extensively exceed the capacity of the roads – – producing traffic jams even on multi-lane highways with durations of HOURS. And the word is that such difficulties are common, increasing with each passing week…

Alas. WHEN will humans learn to act with more caution and or in a precautionary manner, rather than acting suddenly when opportunities appear and then re-acting retrospectively to ‘fix’ the problem which prior actions created through lack of planning, thoughtfulness, foresight. Woe be unto us — the weird and wonderful, the adaptable and ambitious, the inventive yet obtuse — the intelligence of the human species.

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