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10 04 2008
Population density map of India.
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I want to visualize India as a maze-matrix of real superhighways, soft skylines, climatic, energy saving and eco friendly habitations where there is qualitative living, a uniform transitory national bylaw responsive to latitude, altitude and other geographical constraints. Even the slum structures look good. I feel if I can contribute my mettle and energy to make our India the top in this world only then my lease of life be successful. Our lives should be simplified-not complicated.

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A peep into future citymatrix.

31 03 2008
A picture of a dark and gloomy city (Miami, Fl...
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Let our thoughts be alike. Consciousness and temptations be one. Let’s utilize it optimally.A couple of years ago I was watching a movie “Fifth Element” functioning on Vaastu theory simulating 3-D city matrix flashing an idea which can change the way we live. Since in this never­-ending maze of fashion. We are lost as to how to think about a real city matrix, which solves most of our problems.

City-top voewWe continue in strive of creating a perfect city matrix. History is not a subject to learn but real essence is to realise the pain and tyranny of humanity before evolution of real technology.World of developing countries is diverse, in which cultures, dialects & traditions transcend with area & time. Mis planned cities are a consequence owing to choleric misinterpretation of ambiguous planning principles and personal greed and interests. We have become so poor that we grab more and more area in and near our built-up areas somewhat like the farmer who died circumventing the area his zamindar (land lord) wanted to offer him. Cities have more or less become like asthmatic lungs-congested wheezing and coughing.

Rural planning evolves significance in this complex maze of urban apocalypse. Cities have already doomed a dog’s death. Now is the turn of the villages, which are to be saved. Rural planning will be based on experiments with truth and shall be futuristically flexible after it’s success as a bread earner. The very first victory will be towards cyclic financial growth and self-sustainability, which would make the network larger with time. We only have been following the outdated ambiguous bylaws, which are not only creating slum-like structures but also encouraging corruption. Only inginificant bylaws cater to improve urban environment. Others are techno-legal multiply interpreted statements, which are interpreted by plot owners, architect and the authority in more than one way. If it is a law, it should have one and only one meaning, inference and interpretation and should in no way motivate anyone to break, surpass it or find even a single loophole. Public has a right to know the law. Laws are meant to provide collective mental & physical freedom and not to create collective constraints.

Location constraints shall govern the planning constraints. This sub-city (cannot comment on hill towns) should not be in way of any geographical constraint such as hill, water flowing path like river, stream or sea; It can be on a hillock 10-20 m high in South West-West sloping gradually. A lake below in NNE and glade in NWW is added advantage. Preferably rocky sub-strata sloping in the water body would be excellent. The sites shall be found out on the contour maps of survey and then selected after aerial and ground surveys.Sub-City shall be planned in Golden Section Derivatives-grid iron planning. But depending on sun-path and local wind directions, grid shall be tilted till 15 degrees to extract maximum climatic energy saving. Tessellations and articulations can be encouraged to trap wind on individual plan-to-plan basis. But the construction would commence pocket wise after approval of all approved plans in a particular area. Allotment of plots shall be very sequential with NE directional growth.Requirements shall incorporate non-hazardous & non-polluting industries besides agriculture.

Next priority comes in services- Water supply, Sewer, Rain Water & Waste Disposal, Electricity by atomic, solar, hydraulic and composite power system shall be planned.

A single knowledgeable entity, with the direct support of the Chief Secretary of the State Government-just an individual can approve building plan on computers and Internet. There would NEVER be any planning divisions or wards.

The sub-city shall be multi-community. Religious places are decided as per sects. The size of sub-city shall be planned after the selection of the site for the purpose.When Le’ Corbusier planned Chandigarh, it was a vision considering the overall comfort level of the citizens. Thereafter, little had been the awareness amongst town planners and government bodies of how actually a city works.Here we would like to experience and encounter a problem first and then try to find a solution to it. Cities are always planned 100 Years ahead. Little do we know regarding how the future is got to go? Cities are smaller than states, which are smaller than country. Hence there exists a need for a refreshable uniform national bylaw, which should transit with latitude, geology, altitude, climate etc.

Transportation-The key requirement of a city, no one has actually thought of how a poor laborer shall reach his destination in the most economical way. The traffic variety transits from bicycles, rickshaws, thelas, bullock carts, tractors, auto rickshaw, scooters and motorcycles, cars, lorries, buses, trucks. The root of traffic planning in is a thorough understanding of non-motorable traffic behavior first rather than motorable. Segregation of bypass traffic should be anticipated so that flyovers are constructed in advance. Segregation of railroad, service traffic etc is required.Basic transportation shall be public-oriented with 200m reach ability accounting for the disabled. Most energy efficient conveyance can be travelator saving the chassis load

Social Sector Planning-Strong experience of resident’s forums should be surveyed extensively so that their problems are kept in mind when a new city is being laid out. Cities hence should be people centric.

Land Use Planning-Cities are not only but primarily also assets as a revenue earner to the country hence they should perfect as a worthy bread earner without compromising on the farmland basins.How every dwelling gets favorable orientation? How the environment should look three dimensionally.

The Futuristic Building Bylaw will resultantly transit with the following super-factors in the following sequence:
·Latitude and Altitude
·Sun and Wind Direction
·Rainfall and Terrain

Dependent Citymatrix Factors will also govern the bylaws

·Intercity Transit Behavior
·Land Use Planning
·Rural Sector Response

·Culture and Traditions

Bylaws of the future should be Loophole/ Lacuna Proof Equations-Not a formula.
Simple and Adaptable-A simple volumetric zoning 3-dimensional transitional formula for form coefficient (1-0) form should be rendered in every plot depending on abutting road(s) width and orientation as per Vaastu irrespective of projections etc and ground relatedness shall be it’s subset. Value of the variable depends upon openness factor of the urban zone-Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Mixed, and Hi-Rise etc. Lesser Ground-Relatedness should be encouraged by not counting the staircase under covered area and elevated bridge roads for more volume to encourage open spaces. Plots can be planned in golden section derivatives. Boundary walls and gate voids can also be matricised. Architect should be free to design within that volumetric polyhedron.

Let sunlight chisel and winds tessellate the responsive model of our habitations. The quality of environ-urban-matrix can be freed into amalgamating bionic level forms which will govern the overall volumetric coefficients of future cities.

Super Scale Bylaws conceived shall be editable with time scale and superset to building zone matrix.
Sub Scale Bylaws shall be related to Plotted Habitations.
Human Scale Interior Bylaws for electrical, mechanical & related sub services.

This text will convey only one universal meaning, interpretation and loophole-proofed and this noble idea is also subject to pilferage misuse and misappropriation by unruly elements or powers that is to be prevented by any means.

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