Optimising the Search Engine called “Life”

23 07 2008
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God is a principle. The moment god takes over us when we surrender, we focus on making our business more for the benefit of the end user.

We plan and earn money for our coming generations. Why, we love our kids because we see ourselves in them-the self image in our subconscious when we used to be toddlers-we can’t recall ourselves when we were in front of that mirror. So we prepare the edited version of our path for them.

There is a lot of suffering in some countries like Africa. So we have to think about humanity too. We realize we can’t be everything. So, we find out small core competencies like we look at our kids and relay the work cycle-like our employees , freelancers and corporates. We are the purpose of their business and rightly expect that we aren’t outsiders as well.

That’s how we shortlist the providers. That’s how we look at our suppliers. We have to segregate essentials and luxuries if we want to create utopia.

Relationships start just the way micro blogs so. We initially get paid in differentials and then trust too exponents. There is a definite way to optimize work/pay. So we remain down to earth and money works for us-it is not our master. And some day we are really rich-materially and spiritually.

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The fractals of blogging.

20 06 2008
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The new-biz of info-inno-inve-share should be blogging with mind mapping. Core of the write-ups and blogs should be sequentially and diagrammatically assigned in degree of nearness, ranking or Fibonacci sequence. Your trust & friends, your cores, your constraints, your customizations-all having different and related directional matrices each a different stor(e)y. Or maybe a sphere. Then your wonder would be how early the whole world is one.

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