Architecture in daily life loop.

19 05 2008
Facsimiles of Le Corbusier's books, each cover showing the sinuous shaded curves of the Modulor.

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I wake up, rub my eyes and find my spectacles in conveniently placed table near the bed. The slippers are neatly stacked below the semi-cantilever bed. Walking to the attached bathroom, i wash my face and shave on the concave mirror. A ventilator above sprays a lot of diffused light.

Getting ready in a jiffy with a nearby cupboard, i take my belongings on the reminder table at the room exit-to the sites. Or at my workstation, which conceals the noodle wires through a gap in 2 loosely placed table, i have the flexibility to stretch my feet at 45 deg. All the drawers, alcoves, hardware, stationery etc are in my vicinity. My desktop enabled working and surfing in multitasking mode shifting at convenience. And suddenly then….

THE PHONE RINGS-the whole paradigm shifts to that created urgency which i could have deferred by 2-10 minutes hence if i would have a mail/sms and callback. This tempo would now take 20-30 minutes to rebuild if there isn’t a second call. Clutter takes over the flow. The voice mail was poor and not at all customizable to my requirements so i shunted it out. I doodle on my internet trying to filter the crux of the call and feel like the need to have a software which would record the outcome and the action required and make me relaxed.

Architecture and designs take over-a few sketch downs and ups, cad lines & edits. Every time a new line defines itself. No stroke can be similar. Emails come and go, new sites are stepped on. New ideas creep craving for it’s takers- A cup of tea-good time for feedback calls to buyers & personal chats.

Hey internet-give us some color and plasticine clays to sculpt buildings. Bit more-follow us on more complicated lines. Late nights give heartaches wondering this lease of life will make the world more innovative, I cantilever my feet like a portal frame and the sleep dives like Le Corbusier‘s modular.

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