Electoral Reform

6 05 2008
A New York polling place, showing booths on the left. 

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I have devised a mathematical system which can make our prevalent electoral system of governance more effective benefitting the entire world, if proposed by government by of for the people.

Let’s split 50% in 3 parts. 61.8%, 38.2%. (23.6% can be a side option.)

Level1-We increase the absolute majority from 50% to 61.8% maintaining 5 year term.-on the threshold of “Very confident” level. However this wouldn’t happen soon if the trust of people in present affairs is low.

We create a relative majority 38.2%. The geometric mean of 61.8 & 38.2 is 50(Our nowadays absolute majority). Here we can create a government which would have a term as far as the president, prime minister & speaker decide and allow. Equivalent is to install 24×7 secure internet polling booths accessible to the public to vote or devote proving majority to higher of above 38.2%.

Critical majority 23.6%-In some states this can be implemented subject to relative majority so that all political parties get a better chance. However it should be left to
the government to decide this.

I intend to fame every government to become rich in serving humanity. Comments & critisms are most welcome.