Designing earthquake resistant buildings.

5 05 2008
A high-rise in Hong Kong
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I offer proactive assistance for owners, developers and professionals to know more about earthquake resistance. I have been designing buildings for earthquake resistance before my graduation. The requirements of the house and plot shape may govern various geometrical orders so it is best advised to consult qualified structural engineers.

The primary factor to be kept in mind is to make the building symmetrical and have at least a 3×3 grid keeping the middle somewhat more. L-shaped columns (fabricated casts) on the corners make the structure economical. The size of columns may be slightly more in lower floors.

Relevance of plinth beams is important since it holds the structure.

Walls should have beams every 4-6 times it’s thickness. This holds the masonry.

Deep beams are economical & bond with columns. The roof slab should be a bit arched or cambered one. Suitable scaffolding is available in local building centres like TERI.

In high rise buildings, stilts should be 25% thicker.

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10 04 2008
A Winners location in Moncton
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We create projects after discovering needs unknown to you

Spend life: Don’t try to buy it. (Except from God)

Winners do same things differently. Losers indifferently

Where there is a resolution there are many ways and shortcuts for beeline strategies

When in home don’t fight with the pop

Experiences create books

Unknowingness & manipulation cause confusion

Strike the iron when it is hot and don’t let sparks injure

Silent constraints are the most dangerous ones

It’s better to be simply bad beforehand than to let things take a complicating worse turn.

A well-thought sketch is better than a revised drawing.

Enable us to serve you faster.

Let’s talk clearly. Unclear can be nuclear.

It’s worst when you are a loser but fail to accept it.

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10 04 2008
This basketweave tiling is topologically ident...
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Forms morph Tangling tessellations

Walls dwarf In the flight of fenestrations
Creativity logifies In the era of sophistication
Applauses echo Apparent appreciation
Business centricity Celebrity celebrations
Abide law geeks Manifold manifestations

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Beyond square

10 04 2008
Dueling Pencils
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Some think that Architecture is drawing 4 lines!
Engineers say where to put 4 lines

Don’t suggest solutions! That’s what architect is for. He analyzes what owner want realizingly & else and whether the owner is clear in his thinking?

Architect sees where not to put the lines
He thinks of the sun and wind and beeline services
He thinks about room relationships and exclusions
He thinks of your lifestyle and hands you your future

Give him a budget!!!
He contemplates before drawing that very first line by pencil
He realizes the line chisels the owner’s destiny
He cuts corners by oblique lines & extracts the want of curved lines

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